Back in Ukraine, back on the web!

As the plane landed at Borispol airport, I noticed some of the work being done.  The Kyiv International Airport has long passed the stage of being functional.  There are just too many international flights coming to Kyiv and the airport too small to handle the large influx of people and planes.

Long lines always wait for one as you arrive to go through passport control.  Once through, it is doubtful that you will find a cart if you need one.  Most are sitting in the parking lots, waiting to be brought back into the building.  I discovered this on Thursday night as I needed 2 carts for the 8 bags that I had.  I finally found one cart and decided to see what I could do.

Actually, I was able to stack 4 trunks on top of each other, but that created a BIG problem for me… I couldn’t see where I was going.  I heard numerous people respond as I passed them.  I’m sure had I been the one observing this spectacle I would have been laughing or at least commenting about it.  But, I was on the other side and worried that I would run over someone!

After some talking with customs officials and having several pieces x-rayed, I was allowed to exit.  I was back on Ukrainian soil.

So, I am back in Ukraine after a three year absence.  With my return to Ukraine, I hope to be blogging more about my life here in Ukraine!  Anyway, please stop by to find out what new adventure found me!  Until then…

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