Back in Wichita Falls, but not for long

I arrived back in Wichita Falls on Friday afternoon. I wound up going to Midwestern State’s men’s basketball game that evening. I had a great time and it was even better to see the Indians…oops the Mustang’s win. BTW, MSU had to change their mascot name due to the NCAA’s political correctness campaign. They are now the Mustangs… that is until the cowboy crown deem it not PC to call teams mustangs…

MSU played again the next day for the Lone Star Conference championship. They won that game as well.

On Sunday morning, I attended Colonial BC. I spoke in one of the Sunday schools and then went to see their new children’s building. It’s a very modern and high tech facility! Then I attended their 11 a.m. worship service.

AFter having lunch with the Gentry’s, I went to the apartment and prepared for my evening speaking engagement. I drove to Vernon and visited with my good friends Ben and Kim Macklin. Ben is the new pastor of First, Vernon.

I spoke in the service and had a great time meeting the fine folks of Vernon. Afterwards, a large group went to the local pizza place and had fellowship and pizza for over an hour. Later, several of us went on a three mile fast walk. My feet were a little sore since I didn’t take my walking shoes and had to borrow some that were a little big…

I am back in WF trying to catch up on work and then I am off to Austin on Wednesday. I will be attending the state boy’s basketetball tourney. I have always enjoyed going and really looking forward to it.

I doubt that I will have internet access, so it may be a few days before I write again.