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Back online…

Well, after almost a month without my computer, I am back “online.”  I was using a small netbook while my computer went to the US to get repaired.

All of my passwords are stored on this computer and trying to get online to update my blog proved to be difficult.  Even when I had the password reset, trying to use a computer that was 6×5 was tiring to my eyes and to my patience…

So, finally, after getting my computer back yesterday and having a few minutes I decided to get online and let everyone know I am still in Donestk.  There is a team here from Russellville, AR to do a sports camp.  The weather forecast calls for rain every day this week. Hopefully it won’t rain all day every day…

It’s good to be back!


  1. Doug Symes says:

    Glad you are back online! So Apple does not have a repair site in Ukraine?

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