BBC reporter kills lover

So, I was reading headlines on FOX news tonight and read this story.  It is amazing that a reporter would admit to killing his lover who had AIDS last fall.  What I find even more stunning is the fact that BBC hid this fact from law enforcement until they aired the episode on their channel.

In order to garner ratings, a news organization withheld information on a killing.  I find this incredible.

In high school, I developed a love for journalism.  This continued in college where I served in numerous positions at my college newspaper.  I love writing human interest stories and have written numerous stories for the organization I work for.  I must admit that I am out of practice and my stories do require much editing…

I have watched with horror how journalism has declined in its ethics, objectivity and balance.  Living overseas, I am used to CNN and BBC and their lack of objectivity, sometimes watching in shock their reporting.

I am a news junkie.  I love news!  However, I am becoming less and less enthused with the reporting I am witnessing.  I can’t say there are any news stations that report objectively.  I just want one small favor from the news stations… if they are going to interject their opinions, just let me know and then I will decide for myself whether to believe what they are saying.

Just the facts, please… and report them in a timely manner… not months after the fact!