Been there, done that… and enjoyed it!

Well, I am now back in Ukraine… In 9 days I visited 3 cities in 2 countries and can’t even begin to count the kilometers I walked in the cold and snow!

My first stop was to fly from Donetsk to Berlin, via Vienna.  I arrived in Berlin after a major snowstorm and we had to wait for the airport to clean off a spot for us to park.  It was tiring and funny at the same time walking from Alexanderplatz to the hotel and dragging my 4 wheels suitcase.  Those 4 wheels don’t help much in the snow!

Berlin was great.  Being there before, I visited a couple of spots like the Brandenburg Gate and the government building.  However, the weather was kind of nasty and cold and not too conducive for walking.  So I did some shopping!  I bought a couple of shirts for 5 euro at C@A.  I sure wish C@A would come to Ukraine, then I could actually afford to buy clothing here!

Berlin had lots of small Christmas markets and I was able to buy a few things.  I did find a nice Christmas tower similar to this one.  There was one market that had lots of handmade things and I found a beautiful hand carved, hand painted Nativity scene.  Of course, it is the kind where you order a couple of new pieces every year as they are quite expensive.  So, I started a set and look forward to purchasing some new pieces for next year.

After a couple of days in Berlin, I took the train down to Munich.  It was an incredible journey.  The train passes through some mountains.  I remember driving through those mountains in 2004.  The evergreen trees were covered in snow.  It was spectacular!

Munich is a great city.  My friends took me to a couple of shopping places where I stocked up on things we can’t get in UA.  IKEA and the supermarket are my friends!!! 🙂  We also went to the historical Rathaus (their town hall) where the famous Glockenspiel is located.  It is here were a terrific (kind of small) Christmas market is located.  However, the things one can buy there are greater than most other places.  Of all the markets I saw, this was by far my favorite!

A couple of days later, I took the train to Vienna.  I had made a copy of the metro station and how to walk from the station to the hotel.  Only one problem, I came out on the wrong end and started walking in the wrong direction.  I stopped one young man and he told me to turn around and go the other direction.  I believed my map and not him and kept walking (dragging my suitcase through the snow!!!).  Eventually, I asked someone else and he confirmed what the young man told me.  So, I turned around and found the hotel exactly where they said it was!

The Vienna markets that I visited were great.  I especially liked the one in front of Schönbrunn Palace. It was small and was beautiful in front of the palace.  A great setting.

So, now I can check the Christmas markets off of my list.  I enjoyed it greatly.  Now I can say… “been there, done that” and enjoyed it!

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  1. We got a Christmas pyramid just like the one in your picture… I got it at an antique/junk store in Poland when Dalese and I went shopping for Polish pottery

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