Black Friday is for Football!

After my experience at the stores (see story below) I drove to Texas Stadium in Irving. I planned to see the two best football teams in Texas (maybe America?) play. The game was scheduled for a 1 p.m. start and I arrived in Irving around 11 a.m. It took me another 30 minutes to get in the parking lot! I could not believe the traffic!

The game was terrific and ranks up with one of the best HS games I have ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When I lived in Fort Worth, I would go to many of the games played at Texas Stadium during the playoffs so I have seen some great games. There were over 46,000 people there to see the game.

The Euless band was stuck in traffic and didn’t arrive until the end of the first quarter. Other cheerleaders, etc were late as well. I read in today’s newspaper that one family sat in traffic for 2 hours, and it was already past half time and they decided to go home.

It was a great game and Euless probably should have won except their coach made the biggest bone-headed mistake I have ever seen in a football game. I feel sorry for the team. They played their hearts out to beat Southlake Carroll, the mythical number 1 team in the country.

Thanks for the memories… it was better than staying home to watch Texas get beat by A & M and Arkansas get beat by LSU.