I am blessed!
Blessed to have a loving Savior!
Blessed to serve Him in Kazakhstan!
Blessed to have wonderful family and friends who are praying for me!
Blessed to be in the midst of His work!

Yesterday, I was a little depressed over my visa situation. I still didn’t have all the docs needed and I also found out that it would take up to a week before I would know for certain whether or not my visa would be renewed.

This morning, I was driving to Saran where the Baptist Union offices are located in order to get some docs from the secretary. While I was driving there I listened to a cassette that a friend, Kimberly Bowen, had made for me at Christmas. It was mostly music from Selah.

One of the songs spoke of the way the Lord is able to work in us when we are at our weakest. It spoke volumes to me and the need for me to trust the Lord in the situation I find myself in. I know that the Lord brought me to K’stan. My supervisor asked me to come, but the Lord dictated it to happen! For this I am most sure!

I am blessed in other ways as well. The weather has really warmed up over the last few days and all but small pockets of snow are left to remind one of the extremely long summer. It is around 70 today.

Also, there is a small grocery store in the corner of the building where I live. I needed some meat and decided to buy from them. I had bought some frozen chicken before and was as pleased as I am going to get with frozen chicken here.

When I told the lady what I wanted, she went to the back and ground me some fresh ground beef. It was beautiful. I even got to watch her. Then I wanted a small piece of beef to cut up and she went back again and trimmed another beautiful piece. I prepared the ground beef and there was very little fat in it and the other meat was fairly tender.

I am blessed to know people like Max. I play basketball with him and he speaks great English. He knows a lady that has a couple of apartments and I went to look at one of them. After the Kim’s return in May, I am going to need a place to stay.

Max arranged for me to meet his friend. He took me to the apartments and we had a look around at both of the apartments. Afterwards, we went to a cafe and had a cappucino. We sat and talked and I was able to learn more about his family (he has a wife, son and daughter). It was great to learn more about Max.

So, I am really blessed. I am blessed to have you praying for me and my adventures in K’stan. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life!