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What does friendship mean to you?  How do you define friendship?  This week I was reminded by a young man of the importance of friendship and what that means. I have known this young man for a number of years.  He has attended church in the past, and was active in helping with ministry.  Almost […]


Fear can trigger emotions that can paralyze us or move us to action.  Often one can only have moments to process the fear, determine the risks and react. Moses was leading a large number of people from Egypt toward the land the Lord had promised them.  They were already in a heightened sense of urgency […]


The word “harden” or “hardened” is used nineteen times in the ESV version of Exodus.  In every case, it referred to Pharaoh and the hardening of his heart. Miracle after miracle the Lord showed Pharaoh through his servants Moses and Aaron, yet, Pharaoh would not listen and his heart became more against Moses and the […]


Have you ever tried to do something that was impossible (or seemed impossible)?  How did you decide to begin?  What was the outcome? God called Moses to what seemed an impossible task.  God told Moses to return to Egypt and ask Pharaoh to let the people go into the wilderness for a feast.  Well, of […]


This morning as I was reading Exodus 2-3, I was struck by a few of things.  First, it is so great to see how God orchestrated that Moses’ mom put him in a basket that floated and that Pharoah’s daughter found him. Second, Moses encounters God in a burning bush that wasn’t consumed. God speaks […]


After Israel (Jacob) dies, his son’s take his body from Egypt and buried him with his fore-fathers.  Upon returning to Egypt, imagine the thoughts going through Joseph’s brothers heads… They had sold him into slavery and he endured years in jail. So, in Genesis 50, the brothers sought forgiveness for their actions, via a “message” […]


Recently, due to some issues in my own life and several friends, I have been reflecting upon calling.  I can remember several distinct times when I felt God calling me: my salvation experience at the age of 11; my call to serve in the local church in 1988; my call to serve internationally in 1992. […]


We Americans like to plan.  We set aside money for weddings, for education, for cars, vacations and various other activities.  We set goals for work, for life.  We look forward 5, 10, 15 years to where we would like to be professionally. For much of the last 24 years, I have lived in cultures where […]

Even if…

My heart and mind have been full these last few weeks. God has been filling my life with words recently.  Last year, words came, but I didn’t want to put them down.  I wasn’t angry at God or anyone else, I just didn’t write them down. Now, it seems that all I want to do […]


Joseph’s life is full of examples of living with character.  The Bible tells the story of his owner’s wife trying to deceive him so that he will lie with her. Scripture shows that he was able to get out the situation, until once, he left his coat, and she told the guards. When Potiphar heard […]