Bring on the playoffs

After 35 bowls, 70 teams, and 24 days, the college world “crowned” a mythical football champion at the BCS Championship game.  There are now so many bowls that the colleges are looking at allowing teams with a losing record to play in bowl games.

Most of these bowls have names that literally change from year to year.  Gone are bowls named Peach, Sun and Bluebonnet and have been replaced by bowls named, BBVA Compass, and Chick-Fil-A bowl.

This year, almost every game was on ESPN.  Even the coveted Rose Bowl game that was an ABC stable on New Years Day is now shown on ESPN.  The bowl games are big business for ESPN, who’s parent company in Walt Disney (who also owns ABC).  I watched a couple of those “lesser” games where low attendance was the norm, even though the schools are “required” to purchase tickets that they might not be able to sell.

I love the bowl season, even though I feel there are way too many of them presently.  What I don’t understand is something that ESPN could now call for and would make great business sense… a playoff system.  Imagine an 8 team playoff system, where the first round is played in a nearby bowl (would be one of the lower tier bowls) that would automatically be a sell out!  The second round would be played in a larger regional bowl (which would sell out as well) and then having the championship game in one of the four locations currently used.

Even this system isn’t perfect, but at least there would be some sort of playoff system to crown the best team, the bowl games would still be played and ESPN and the FBS would be happy (and richer, which is the true reason there is not a playoff system now!).

These are just my thoughts and I realize that there are probably hundreds of possible scenarios.  I would just like to see a playoff… The last couple of years a couple of teams have finished undefeated (even after the bowl season) and I would like to see them given a chance to prove whether they deserve to be there or not.