Broken, but not completely shattered

I have hesitated to write much about what has been going on in my personal life of late.  The last few months have definitely been challenging.  Yet, today, I had one of those moments that, I pray the Lord will remind me of in the future, and use ultimately for His glory.

I was near Maidan in downtown Kyiv this morning.  A media team is here gathering information for some news stories.  Near their hotel is one of the barricades used during the conflicts in February.  As we were preparing, I noticed a window amongst the rubble.   I picked it up to put it in a strategical place and noticed that one of the double panes had been broken, but the other was still intact.

We did the interview and afterwards, I picked it up and one of the guys took my picture while holding it up to my face.  I made several faces and he took several pictures.  However, I liked this one the best…IMG_0737

As I walked around Maidan with friends from Donetsk later in the afternoon, my mind went back to the window frame.  I listened to my friends and their stories.  I heard them talk about how many lives have been changed due to the conflict in Donetsk, how many families are considering leaving the region right now.

Also, I heard how churches have had to cancel their summer camps because of the uncertainty of what the future holds.  Another friend in Lugansk could not even go to her home yesterday because of fighting near her home.  So, this conflict is affecting lots of people.

As I reflect on these stories I am drawn back to that window.  Many lives are being broken through this conflict, but as a Christian, I hold on to the faith that Jesus is in the midst of the conflict.  Through prayer He brings comfort, wisdom, love and hope to those in need.  A life broken, but not completely shattered.

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  1. Well written Joe! Keep your foundation fixed and God will lead! (Something even I need to hear right now!) Prayers, Brother!!

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