Brutally cold

As I sit in my warm apartment with the sun shining brightly, I am reminded that looks can be deceiving.  Even though I am warm inside my apartment, all I need to do is look outside and check the temperature gauge to know that it isn’t warm on the street.

Very few cars are driving down, and even fewer people walking, University street today.  Usually, it is a major thoroughfare through the city.  Often there are traffic jams on the street due to the high volume, but not today.  I think many people are like me, staying home where it is warm.

I need to pay my monthly bills.  I tried to do so yesterday, but I arrived at the bank around 4:15 and they had closed early due to the weather.  However, I don’t think I will be getting out today.  I don’t feel well.

I read that around 200 cars were stuck on the highway between Donetsk and Mariupol to the south.  They rescued lots of people stuck in the cars in sub-zero temps.  Our wind chill this morning was -37F!

These temps and wind chill remind me of my time in Karaganda.  The temps and wind chill were brutal from late November to early March.  Fortunately, here in Donetsk, these kinds of temps are usually around for only 1-2 weeks.  The 10 day forecast says we should be around 20F on Feb 8.

For now, I will stay in my warm apartment, read and relax for the day.  Have I mentioned that the sun is shining?  The sun is shining and that makes a world of difference in at least the psychological point of view.