Buda… part trois

Here are some photos from my time in Budapest.  Being there three weeks provided lots of opportunities.  However, since I have been there before I didn’t take lots of photos…

david-tina-and-alvin.jpg     gloria-jean-staff.jpg    gj-sign.jpg

Gloria Jeans is a coffee shop on the scale with Starbucks (with prices to match).  There are some GJ in the US but I think it started in Australia.  There are a couple in Budapest and one opened recently in Kyiv.   First photo: colleagues; 2nd: GJ staff; 3rd: GJ sign

sunrise-budapest.jpg    dsc01329.jpg   buda-buildings.jpg   buda-tram.jpg

Sunrise from the house where I stayed; Buda has 7 bridges- it is a beautiful city with lots of sites; last photo: new tram in the city.