Budapest is a beautiful city. Architecturally it is a place any who can should see. The Parliament building and the Buda Castle area are great sites. The city streets offer lots to see as well.

However, with this said, there are some real problems here. Last week I went to IKEA with a colleague. On the drive home, there was one street (really a back road) that had several barrels with wood stacked next to them. I learned that prostitutes hang out there and at night they start a fire to stay warm until their next proposition comes along.

Then on Saturday I traveled to one of the malls in the city. It is a fairly large mall. It is connected to the metro system which is underground. I was walking through the underground and a young lady approached me. She asked me for a “date.” When I turned her down, she invited another friend over who also propositioned me. That “friend” was a male! I found out later from a colleague that they work in pairs like that.

I then began to look around and, if I’m not mistaken, there were lots of “pairs” working the crowd. As I was observing all this I noticed a large group of homeless men. They, too, are everywhere in the city. I found out later that this is a major issue in the city as well. It’s hard not to see them everywhere.

Budapest is a great city. They even have plans to bid for the 2020 Olympic games. The city has a bright future, but they really need to do something about these problems.

Don’t let these issues deter you from coming, just be aware that they are here… at least for now.