Last summer I played basketball twice a week (most weeks).  My left knee began swelling a little after playing and then the next morning it was a little hard to get going… (I know, I’m not so young any more…)

When I made the trip to Texas in August, I went to a doctor who performed an MRI and an X-ray of my knee.  Several issues were discovered and she suggested that I have some follow up.  So, after communicating with our medical people in Budapest it was decided for me to come here after the New Year’s holiday for an exam.

Well, two days after Christmas, after enduring a really bad sore throat for several days, I sneezed and my left ear closed up.  I went to the doctor in Karaganda and received some treatment.

After two weeks of not getting better, I decided to set up an appointment in Budapest with the ENT I saw two years ago when the ringing in my left ear began.  Honestly, I thought I had a really bad ear infection and that was causing the hearing loss.

So, you can imagine my  “shock” when I found out that I have a 2-3 mm perforation in my left eardrum and need surgery.  My doctor says that part of the problem is that I have really bad air circulation in my Eustachian tube and need it to be better before surgery.  So, right now, it appears that I will be returning to Budapest in April to have surgery.

I have been going through some physical therapy for my knee and lower back.  It seems to be helping but the real test will be when I return to Karaganda and get to play BB on a consistent basis.  I have been gone now 2 weeks and so ready to go home.  However, I still have another week here of PT and then will fly back. I am so ready to be home and sleep in my own bed.

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  1. Ben,
    sorry but i edited your comment just a little… 🙂
    I will be in Ukraine in April. I go back to Kstan on Tuesday…

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