This is my first time in Budapest. Wow is all I can say right now. It is a beautiful city.

I went sight seeing on Saturday since I didn’t have anything else to do. I took the bus and tram to the city market. I started there since it closes early on Saturdays. The city market is a huge market in downtown. On the first floor you can buy all kinds of fresh foods: meats, vegetables and fruit, breads.

On the second floor there are numerous restaurants and souvenirs. I spent most of my time there. However, I was somewhat surprise that they had lots of souvenirs from Russia. I was looking at these wooden Santa Clauses and wanted to buy some as gifts. However, I found out they were all from Russia.

I finally found a small ceramic nativity set that was made in Hungary. Hungary must be the paprika capital as there was LOTS of paprika for sell in all sorts and sizes of containers.

Across the street is a restaurant that several missionaries told me I needed to visit. The restaurant serves Goulash soup. I remember eating goulash as a main dish as a child, but never do I remember eating goulash soup. Well, it was finally lunch time and I walked over to the restaurant. The door was blocked by a chair. I asked the attendant if they were opened, but of course, they answered me in Hungarian. I don’t know Hungarian, they didn’t know English. I figured out they were closed, so I went to the Burger King next door!

I walked across one of the seven bridges that cross the Danube River. It was quite chilly with the wind blowing across it. I took lots of pictures. I took another bus up to the castle area. (I am getting quite a collection of castle photos!)

It was breathtaking. Across from the Buda castle is the parliament building, another historic, gothic building. In the castle region is the Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church. I went inside the church and there was a choir practicing. The sound was spectacular.

That evening I went to the movie with a couple of missionaries. We saw “Flightplan.” I really enjoyed the movie and the plot had lots of twists and surprises.