Busy, but loving it!

My friend, Brenda, wrote me an email stating that it sounded like I was/am busy.  I really haven’t had many moments to myself since June 21 (very few indeed, except for the 10 hour train ride from Almaty to Karaganda).  I have 3 people staying in my apartment right now, plus there are those who come for a night here and there.

While it may not be the ideal situation, it is working for the time being.  What I have enjoyed most is hearing the stories from our guests.  I will share many of them with you in August after they have left and I have time to write them all down. However, please know the Father is hearing your prayers for us and He is at work!

Just this morning (Tuesday) we witnessed our first ever kid’s club in Karaganda.  Wow, it was so exciting, even though I was extremely busy purchasing last minute stuff for the VBS.

Busy, yes, but it is so exciting to see God at work in the lives of others!!!