The past few weeks have been extremely busy, and honestly, they are getting busy-er!

Last night, however, I got to enjoy a symphonic orchestra concert for a few hours.  It was a gift from a group of students that were part of Campus Crusade’s English club.  The group I led for the week bought me a ticket to the concert last night.

I learned that these students listened well.  I had mentioned to one or two of them that I used to attend concerts in Donetsk, but had not gone to see a concert here.  So, the group got a couple of tickets for me to go last night.

I noticed that they are having a jazz concert soon, so maybe I will go back!

Last weekend I was in Severodonetsk.  I really enjoy going there and seeing new friends.  The Central Church does a great job of hosting and taking care of us.  We had four evangelism meetings with displaced people and others.  So many are still hurting 4 years after the war in eastern Ukraine started.

The sun is shining brightly these days.  We had blizzard-like weather the end of March and it took until almost mid-April for the snow to melt.  The last 2 weeks have been terrific.

I am thankful the Lord has allowed me to return to Ukraine.  Every day is a blessing. Thanks for partnering with me on the journey.