Busy summer

The countdown to a busy summer is on and of course, it isn’t without a few bumps in the road!

I will travel to a city in Ukraine on Sunday night, return to Kyiv on Monday night and then prepare to fly to Kstan on Sunday evening, May 28, arriving there early Monday morning. There are still many details left to be worked out before the team arrives in Kstan on June 2.

So, my first week in Kstan will be busy making last minute arrangements for the team. It appears there will be 12 or 13 going. Also, it looks like 3-4 more students will be going to Almaty later in the summer.

We continue to have some other problems in securing permission for a couple of others to go long term. Please pray for this to all work out.

I will be traveling much during my time in Kstan, especially the first couple of weeks. Pray for my health to remain good. I have been tired during the last 2 weeks and it may be with all the traveling catching up to me.

Blessings to you for a great Sunday tomorrow.