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Busy week…

Thus far this week has been packed and it appears that it will be packed until Sunday!  Guess that is better than sitting at home doing nothing.  Lots of conversations to take place again today.  I have 4 meetings with people!

I FINALLY paid my utility bills.  I must say this is the thing I dread the most.  I hate standing in lines at the bank.  There is no order and someone can show up and say, “I was standing behind this person earlier and I am now returning.”

I was 2 months behind (well, not really, as I stay a month ahead on most of the bills).  So, I went to the bank the other day, but they had closed early.  Then I went yesterday and the line was incredibly long so I decided to return later.  I had to be out early this morning, so I went by the bank and there were just a couple of people in front of me.  So fortunately, I was able to get it done fairly quickly.

At home preparing lunch for a couple of students and then will start my marathon of meetings.  By the way, its hump day for those of you working 9-5, M-F…


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