Busy week…

I have had an incredibly busy week!  Sunday, I went to church at Light of the Gospel church in Makeevka.  I got to see Mela, a doctor who attends that church, came to the Lord while living in Lugansk in the 90’s as a medical student.  It was amazing that even though it has been a number of years since we last saw each other, she looks exactly the same!

The church celebrated Harvest Sunday, a celebration that will be repeated in Baptist churches throughout the former Soviet Republics.  It is one of my favorite holidays as the churches are usually decorated with fruits and vegetables.  This church operates an orphanage and so they asked people to bring canned fruits and vegetables to be donated to the orphanage!

I had meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I attended the Donetsk Shakhtar football game vs Belgrade Partizan.  It was the opener for the Euro Champions League play.  Arsenal London will be here in October and I am looking forward to seeing that game!  I invited my new friend O to go with me to the game.  We had a great time.  He is a young medical student from Syria.  he was like a little kid, pulling out his cell phone and videoing the happenings as we walked into the stadium.

Thursday and Friday have been spent remodeling my apartment.  I spent almost 2 hours at our “Home Depot” store, buying carpet, paint and supplies.  We have the front room painted and hope to lay the carpet on Monday.  Then I will begin the process of painting the rest of the apartment.

Live is never dull or boring here… Come join us!