Call to prayer

Nearby the apartment I currently am living is a mosque.  Every evening (several times) I hear the call to Muslim prayer echoing from there.  While it unnerved me at first I don’t let it get to me as much now.

Actually, it has spurred me to pray to the Father every time I hear it.  That is why I am writing today.

Yesterday, several events took place that caused problems in places where we have children camps going on.  So, I am calling all of you to prayer to the Most High God to intercede for us in the next 10 days.  We have 3 days of camps left in a couple of places and we need your prayers.

If you don’t receive my prayer letter and want to know what happened, please email me and I will let you know personally.

1 thought on “Call to prayer

  1. I guess I missed the chance to pray for the camp. Sorry. I’m praying for it now. Hope you are well. We’ve got friends moving to your neck of the woods next year…maybe you’ll end up meeting them. They are a special family.

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