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A world of music in a short walk

Yesterday I posted on Facebook  these words, “Thankful to live near one of the most beautiful boulevards in Ukraine!”  Tonight proved it even more! I fed my puppy Buddy and we went for a walk.  I don’t have a set path that we take and most of the time I let it flow.  I usually […]

What goes on in a barber shop in Donetsk

I have been going to the same barber for more than 1 1/2 years.  It always takes a few months to find the right person, but fortunately I did! On my first trip to this particular shop Oksana cut my hair and I thought she did a good job.  She has been cutting it ever […]

Arrival of Spring!

According to my calendar, spring arrived today as it always does on March 1.  Even though there is plenty of snow still on the ground and the temps are hovering around freezing, March 1 signals the arrival of spring. Last year, I remember wearing a jacket till sometime in mid-April.  I sure hope the calendar […]

3M: By this all people will know, part 2

Last week I shared some scripture that the Lord has been using in my life recently.  I had not planned to write on this subject again so soon, however, in the last 48 hours, the Lord has vividly shown me His love through others.  This love poured out on me has spurred me to even […]

February 12: goulash and DP Zero

After church this morning, a group of us went to a great Hungarian restaurant and had lunch.  I decided to go with some Hungarian goulash soup and a Spicy Chicken and pasta dish. The goulash was delicious!  Maybe the best I have had in Budapest!  The Spicy chicken and pasta dish lived up to its […]

February 8: So many choices… be careful what you choose

Budapest, compared to Ukraine, is the land of choices when it comes to restaurants.  In Donetsk, where I live, there is one decent choice for fast food: McDonalds.  Budapest has several US chains as well as some good local restaurants. Today, in a moment of weakness, I decided to go to Subway.  I don’t do […]

February 3: Times are changes

I remember the first time visiting the TsUM in Kyiv.  It was in May or June 1994.  The TsUm is short for Central Universal Shop (or Central Department Store).  These Soviet style stores are still popular where they still exist. The first time I visited the store, I felt like I had just found the […]

Praying with a new vision

On Saturday, January 28, a colleague, Linda, led a prayer walking seminar at Gethsemane church.  The first half of the seminar she explained what prayer walking is.  Then she broke the group up into 2’s and 3’s and gave them photos of different landmarks and places around the city of Donetsk that I had prepared. […]

3M: Where there is no vision

Sunday afternoon, a taxi driver named Vitalik, picked me up to take me to the airport.  The street I live on is a one way street, except for one lane that buses use to travel in the opposite direction. As we were traveling along the road, I heard a car engine revving and witnessed a […]

3M: Remembering the Blue Laws, German style

Sundays in Germany means that businesses are closed.  Several times a year, they are allowed to open on Sundays, and most of those Sundays are before Christmas. Today, October 23, happened to be one of those days when businesses were allowed to be opened.  I decided to go to IKEA, on the edge of town, […]