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3M: The Greatest of these

Another week, another wedding.  I got to the church a little late and couldn’t find a parking spot.  Cars were every where.  I knew this probably meant the church was full and it might be hard for me to find a seat. I was right! Valerie Antonuik, vice president of the Baptist Union, had been […]

Weddings… Ukrainian Baptist style

Last Saturday, Sveta got married.  I got to know her this past summer as she interpreted for a couple of teams I hosted.  I knew she was bound for marriage the first day she interpreted.  She was constantly on her phone talking to her boyfriend, Zhenya. Baptist believers have several traditions during the wedding day.  […]

A Big village

Donetsk doesn’t feel like a big city to me.  That’s why I really enjoy living here.  We don’t have the 20 or 30 something story apartment buildings like other cities of over a million.  So, I call Donetsk a big village. I have had a REALLY busy day today getting ready for the team from […]

Easter wrapup…

The last 5 days have seen me at 4 services.  I attended a Thursday night service where the Lord’s Supper was observed.  It was a very nice service in remembering the new covenant that Jesus instituted. Sunday morning, I got up early and went to the central Orthodox Church in Donetsk.  Orthodox believers head to […]

Turkey: Islam and the European Union

It has been too long since I have written anything.  It seems since March my life has been extremely busy (or I am just too lazy to post anything!).  In mid-March, I went to Turkey for a conference and some vacation. Turkey is a very interesting place.  I’m not sure what all I want to […]

Happy International Women’s Day

Tomorrow, March 8 is celebrated in parts of the world as International Women’s Day.  It is a HUGE celebration in most of the former Soviet Union, and in Ukraine it is a national holiday. For days, people have been busy shopping and preparing for the holiday.  The government gave its employees Monday as a day […]

Lost in translation, too

Thursday afternoon I needed to pick up some advertisements that we had printed for the English group starting next week.  I asked Sergei for an address but he said I wouldn’t find it. He told me to get on a bus and go to a stop and get off and call him.  Which I did.  […]

Lost in Translation

I have been around Russian language off and on now for 17 years.  While I understand most general conversations in Russian, I still struggle with speaking it correctly and tend to get lost when having to listen to “technical” conversations. One of those times happened today during a visit to the eye doctor.  I remember […]

Blood is thicker

There is an old German proverb that we often use in English, “Blood is thicker than water.”  It means that the bonds of family are stronger than those bonds between friends or unrelated people. Sunday after church I understood this clearly while sitting in the pastor’s office.  A woman in her 70’s, frail and using […]

A cup of coffee in a tea culture

I don’t remember the first cup of coffee I ever drank.  I probably didn’t like it. I don’t think that I had ever drank a hot cup of tea until I moved to Lugansk, Ukraine in 1994.  I learned quickly that tea in Ukraine is drank hot, often and year round.  This was difficult for […]