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Recently, due to some issues in my own life and several friends, I have been reflecting upon calling.  I can remember several distinct times when I felt God calling me: my salvation experience at the age of 11; my call to serve in the local church in 1988; my call to serve internationally in 1992. […]


We Americans like to plan.  We set aside money for weddings, for education, for cars, vacations and various other activities.  We set goals for work, for life.  We look forward 5, 10, 15 years to where we would like to be professionally. For much of the last 24 years, I have lived in cultures where […]

Even if…

My heart and mind have been full these last few weeks. God has been filling my life with words recently.  Last year, words came, but I didn’t want to put them down.  I wasn’t angry at God or anyone else, I just didn’t write them down. Now, it seems that all I want to do […]


Joseph’s life is full of examples of living with character.  The Bible tells the story of his owner’s wife trying to deceive him so that he will lie with her. Scripture shows that he was able to get out the situation, until once, he left his coat, and she told the guards. When Potiphar heard […]


As I contemplate what to write this morning, it is easy to get side-tracked.  After several days of snow, extreme cold and cloudy days, this morning it is clear skies, sunny and 10 degrees!  A “dreamy” kind of morning in eastern Ukraine, if it weren’t so cold! Joseph was 17 years old and his father’s […]


I’ve written about music being medicine for me here. This Saturday morning, as I prepared and ate breakfast I was listening to music.  One song that has helped me during my recovery began to play.  It is a song by Tenth Avenue North, “I have this Hope.”  I remember when my friend sent this song to […]


Do you ever make promises?  If so, do you find it hard to keep them sometimes? My desire is to be a man of my word.  I grew up in a time when a handshake between two men meant something.  Oftentimes, that handshake represented someone’s word and was better than a contract.  It was a […]


What father or mother doesn’t desire the very best for their children?  I know that my parents struggled to help me have things that they never had. I think it is what every generation wants for the next. Abraham’s wife had died and he was old.  He wanted to find a wife for his son, […]


On Sunday, January 14, I preached in a church about 1 hour from Dnipro.  It would be the first time there, so I knew I would spend some time telling my story of how I wound up in Ukraine. As I was praying on Saturday, the Lord reminded me of three great stories concerning the […]


How often do I run “ahead” of God’s plans? As I read from Genesis 16-17 this morning, that question came to mind.  Abram was 86 years old and his wife was childless.  Yet, when he was 75 years old and still living in Haran, the Lord made a promise to make him a great nation. […]