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Spring has…

I’m a little apprehensive to say that spring has finally “sprung” but the last two days have been spectacular! It is 62 degrees right now and the forecast shows in the 70’s tomorrow and not below freezing this week. Of course, I realize this is K’stan and I live in the steep and it could […]

Chance Meeting or Divine Appointment?

Saturday I was returning to Karaganda after spending most of the day in Astana. I had met a group of believers from Hungary who are looking at sending missionaries to K’stan. After a good visit and an equally good lunch, I said my goodbyes. Before going to the bus station I stopped at the Ramstore […]

The Highs and Lows of Weather

As I arrived back in Karaganda after the road trip, the sun was shining, the wind blowing and it was WARM! I was excited that maybe winter was finally gone and spring was finally here! The temperature was 62 degrees! Wow, it was so warm. I took a walk around downtown since I had been […]

Spring Hasn't Sprung, Yet!

Winter has made a return performance (as if it needed another shot!). It has snowed the last 4 days and last night I walked to the gym where I have been playing basketball and on the return trip the wind has started to really blow and the snow was hitting my face like needles pricking […]

Road Trips

I enjoy traveling. I always have. One of my biggest disappointments of my childhood was traveling with my dad. When we traveled across the mid-sections of the US, we were usually going to visit family and he wanted to get to where we were going. I was happy to be going, I just wanted to […]

Ever had one of those experiences???

Yesterday, I went to see the dentist. If you have been reading my prayer requests, you know that I have been experiencing pain since late November. I went to the dentist in Kiev in January and she took x-rays and after consulting with another dentist, they couldn’t conclude there was anything wrong with my tooth. […]

NO FOOLIN'- Snow on April 1

Well, the calendar keeps telling me that is is spring, but yesterday I drove to a city about 30 km from Karaganda. While I was there, it snowed and when I came out about 9 p.m. that evening, my car was covered and I had to clear the car of snow before I left. While […]

Almaty- Easter, Mountains, Snow and other thoughts

This was the first time that I can remember that I haven’t been with family or friends on Easter. I traveled to Almaty, arriving on Saturday, so that I could attend an English service on Easter Sunday. When I arrived for the service, I couldn’t believe the hotel they were meeting in. It is a […]

CNN and News

I have cable TV and only have two English channels, CNN and a EuroSports network. Most of the good sports stuff is on during the middle of the night here, so most of the time during the day they repeat sports news. Of course, all of it is about European sports, so there is rarely […]

The JOYS of Bus Rides…(NOT!)

Long distance bus rides are never fun, even in America. I have ridden the bus on numerous occasions in America and a couple of times in the former Soviet Union. I prefer to take the train here, but there are times when the bus does get you there faster. I traveled to Astana, the capital […]