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SNOW and more SNOW

Snow has been falling everyday here now for 4-5 days. Most of the time it’s just a little. When I arrived back in Karaganda on Tuesday evening, the snow was falling and everything was covered in white again. It was all so nice. By the time I went to bed it had stopped but when […]

It's Spring, isn't it???

Well, I’m a Texas boy, 100%. So, when I was asked to come to Karaganda I immediately went on the internet to see what the temps were. In December I found the temps to be around -10 to -15 f. In January much the same with snow in the forecast often. I’m a Texas boy […]


Well, today I sent the notice that I had a new website. I owe a HUGE debt of gratitute to Steve Blackwood. He does this for missionaries around the world. He had almost completed my site before I moved to Karaganda, so he had to undo a lot of what he already had done. I […]


Well, after almost 2 years I finally got to play some basketball. I won’t call what we played a “game” since they had their own rules. There were no fouls called, double dribble (what’s that!). We got to the gym, dressed and within the first five minutes of playing I stepped on another players foot. […]

Speaking Russian to whom?

Kazakhstan has numerous nationalities living here. Some people work and own businesses, others are planting indigenous churches, etc. I have met some Koreans in Karaganda. They actually took care of the apartment I live in while no one connected with our mission was here. They paid the bills, etc. They wanted to come over last […]

Worship in any language

Sandy Patti (who remembers her?) sang a song about 15 years ago called Love In Any Language. I thought about that song today as I went to a church service in Karaganda. Some Korean friends invited me to go with them. A Korean family here has started a Baptist church. It was very uplifting to […]


This afternoon I went for a walk. While I was out I decided to go look for a coat to wear over my suit for spring as the other coat I have is for heavy duty cold weather. After looking, I began the trek home. I noticed a young man walking near me and then […]

Grocery Shopping Taken to New Heights!

When I flew into Almaty in January, I spent 2 days there attending a conference before I flew onto Karaganda. I didn’t get to see much of Almaty due to the conference. However, there was one place my supervisor didn’t want me to see. I didn’t know why so I didn’t think too much about […]

ENGLISH… What's That?

ADJUSTMENTS I guess the biggest adjustment thus far has been not speaking English. To date, I haven’t met anyone in Karaganda that is a native English speaker. So, since I left Mick and David in Astana on Monday evening, I haven’t spoken but a couple of words in English (most of them to myself). I’m […]

Whether to weather the weather

Blizzards and other things related Since arriving, I have been told by numerous people that the worst weather months in Karaganda are February and March. It seems that as the weather begins to warm (I use this term figuratively) into the single and low teens, the wind picks up as does the snow and they […]