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Christmas memories

One of my favorite Christmas memories happened when I was a young boy.  My family went to Oklahoma City to visit my dad’s sisters.  My dad had a brother who was “intellectually disabled.”  Even though he lived in a home, he always spent the holidays with his sisters who lived in OKC.  At the time, […]

3M: Learning

Recently, I watched a movie.  I know that is a shocker!  I don’t watch a lot of movies.  I have several reasons, but won’t get into them here. After watching the movie there were several things I took away from it.  One, I was impressed that the director allowed a woman to state she was […]

19 years

Nineteen years ago (1994), around this date, I arrived in Ukraine for the very first time.  I still remember vividly those first few days.  While I won’t recount all of them at this moment, I would like to share one that stands out. I arrived in Ukraine not knowing any language other than English.  I […]

3M: Just Read It

This is my fourth day being home sick.  It has allowed me to watch a couple of movies, “The Impossible” and a Tyler Perry movie (which wasn’t nearly as funny as the one I watched in Dnipropetrovsk).  I don’t watch a lot of movies as I think most of them are not well done and […]

3M: Can’t hear for all the noise

After several months of pain in my left elbow, finally, I went to the doctor two weeks ago.  After doing some preliminary strength tests, he suggested that I have an MRI done.  I agreed and the receptionist at the clinic called and made the appointment. That MRI was scheduled for today at 12 noon and […]

3M: Thirsting

Yesterday, our church planting group met for a time of worship.  I thoroughly enjoyed singing praise songs and hearing a great word from Psalm 63: O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you. David wrote this Psalm during a dark time of fleeing his enemy.  While it was […]

3M: Do not fear

On Sunday, September 30, I had the privilege to attend New Hope Church in Kharkov.  It is an English speaking congregation full of students from around the globe who study in Kharkov. It was great to hear a sermon in English by the pastor, who is Ukrainian.  He preached from Psalm 23:1-4 and provided me […]

3M: The Harvest

Fall (or autumn if you are old school) is a wonderful season in Ukrainian churches.  Many evangelical churches celebrate Harvest Day by decorating their altars with those things which people harvested from their gardens.  Then, the church will have an extended morning service which includes numerous sermons, poems, songs by all age groups.  After the […]

3M: Sleepless, but not in Seattle

Sunday night I had a difficult time going to sleep.  Usually, I enjoy taking naps on Sunday afternoons, however, yesterday I was unable to sleep.  Then, when I finally went to bed, there was too many thoughts going on for me to sleep. So, I got up and read the Bible some, and prayed.  The […]

3M: Knowing when to speak or when to remain silent

Recently I finished reading Jeremiah and Lamentations and now reading Ezekiel.  I have read the stories of how God used Jeremiah to be the voice to the Israelites, delivering difficult news to those hearing it. Last Friday I was discussing an issue with a brother in Christ.  We have a common friend that is involved […]