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5 years

I have thought about what I might write concerning this event in my life often during the last few weeks. In many ways it hard to believe that five years have passed, and then, in other ways it seems like a lifetime. Life in the sleepy “village” of Donetsk was in turmoil in February and […]


After a long night on the train, morning came. As we arrived at the Kommunarsk station, I noticed the snow had turned to a brownish and blackish color.  I remember asking the interpreter why that was.  Surrounding the station was a huge coal mine belching out lots of black smoke! Upon arriving in Lugansk we […]


My first train ride was full of unforgettable moments. Before even getting on the train, we had a 5 1/2 hour wait at the train station in Kyiv. Wow, the station was packed with people. My first “cultural” experience happened when I went to the restroom. While I was standing in the room, I realized […]


One of the words I often see from my journal writings from 1994 is the word, “blessed.” I was truly blessed to be chosen by God to move to Ukraine. While those feelings of being blessed where challenged at times due to culture shock or by other influences, I still grew through each of those […]

Zero Days!

Twenty five years ago today, I began a journey from Wichita Falls. My mom and middle sister, Nola, drove me to DFW airport. In yesterday’s post, I made the comment that “I Surrender All” was new and popular on the radio. In my journal, I made another mention that it was the last song I […]


Twenty five years ago I started on a journey that led this Texas boy across an ocean into a land which I hardly even heard of. Since that first trip in February 1994, I have lived in 3 former Soviet countries, traveled throughout much of Europe and eaten foods I didn’t know existed! For the […]


When I moved to Kyiv in 2003 to serve with the IMB, I had to take public transportation from one side of the city to the other side every day to attend Russian lessons. It took about one hour and 15 minutes one way.  One of the first words I wanted to learn in Russian […]


Saturday evening, as I was preparing supper, I was listening to Air 1 radio.  Switchfoot’s “Love is worth the fight” came on, and immediately, I was transported to Donetsk when I was introduced to their music and had several friends in Donetsk who loved their music. I’m trying to find where my place is I’m […]


This week I am in eastern Ukraine, near Donetsk where I used to live.   It is difficult to hear the stories people share of their lives since the war started. While it has been tough on those from cities affected by the war, it has been tough on those in cities near the front […]


Aren’t family relationships difficult at times? Jacob learned that lesson many times in his life, and of course, some of them were caused by his own poor decisions.  In Genesis 31, the Lord tells Jacob to “return to the land of your fathers and to your kindred, and I will be with you.” (verse 3) […]