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What will my response be when adversity comes? In this morning’s Bible reading from Job, Satan was sure that Job would curse God’s face if he lost everything.  Yet, after discovering much of what he owned was lost and that his children had died, it is stated in 1:22, “Throughout all this, Job did not […]

The “C” word

I think one of the first things I asked my sister when I woke up from surgery was whether or not I had cancer.  She said yes, and after the words sunk in, I didn’t think about it too much more.  It wasn’t until the day he released me that I had confirmation that the […]

30 seconds

The street I take out of my apartment area crosses with a major highway in town. Often, if I am going to go to the center of the city, I take a left at the intersection. After moving here, I quickly realized how often cars coming from the direction of the airport run the red […]


When the war broke out in eastern Ukraine, fake bomb reports happened all over the country causing disruptions in many transportation hubs. Eventually, Borispol Airport in Kyiv installed security at every entrance. In my 4 month “exile” there in 2014, I remember going to Ocean Plaza mall with a colleague, and as we arrived, we […]

Learning to relax

For Christmas, I received a Fitbit watch. It has been a great gift… one that reminds me that I need to move. The last few weeks it has been hard to move as we have had rain often. I have enjoyed being back in an area where I can go for walks. There are numerous […]

Love God, Love others… reflections from the past year after leaving Donetsk

My world changed on April 14, 2014. I left my apartment early in the morning, just after daylight. I was headed northwest to Dnipropetrovsk and was sure that I would be gone for maybe a couple of weeks when things would settle down. Tears welled up in my eyes as I got to the city […]

Where did the time go?

I let a momentous occasion slip by… In February 2005 I began writing this blog. I can’t believe that 10 years have gone by. I had just moved to Karaganda, KZ in January 2005 and someone suggested that I write a blog about my experiences. I remember the first month I lived in KZ and […]

Christmas memories

One of my favorite Christmas memories happened when I was a young boy.  My family went to Oklahoma City to visit my dad’s sisters.  My dad had a brother who was “intellectually disabled.”  Even though he lived in a home, he always spent the holidays with his sisters who lived in OKC.  At the time, […]

3M: Learning

Recently, I watched a movie.  I know that is a shocker!  I don’t watch a lot of movies.  I have several reasons, but won’t get into them here. After watching the movie there were several things I took away from it.  One, I was impressed that the director allowed a woman to state she was […]

19 years

Nineteen years ago (1994), around this date, I arrived in Ukraine for the very first time.  I still remember vividly those first few days.  While I won’t recount all of them at this moment, I would like to share one that stands out. I arrived in Ukraine not knowing any language other than English.  I […]