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3M: The Gospel, simplified

Today is Easter Monday in Ukraine and many other Slavic countries.  It is a national holiday, with many businesses and schools closed.  That is why many Evangelical churches will plan evangelical events during the day. Gethsemane Church is the largest Baptist church in Donetsk.  They have a wonderfully talented choir and they prepared an Easter […]

3M: Revisiting the past

This past weekend I visited Lugansk, UA.  Lugank is the first place I lived outside of the US and where God gave me a heart for the Slavic peoples. Going home is always interesting.  You never quite know what to say to people after not seeing them for so long.  Yet, after those first few […]

3M: Finding beauty in all things

March means that one of my favorite flowers is in full bloom in Texas.  The Texas Bluebonnet has always been one of my favorite flowers, but it has taken an even deeper place in my heart since I can only enjoy them through pictures that friends share with me. I tried my best to grow […]

3M: Experiencing God

In the early 90’s Henry Blackaby released a book called, Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.  Without actually going through the course myself, God used this course in other people’s lives that eventually influenced me moving to Lugansk, Ukraine in 1994. Since then, I have been through the course myself on a […]

Feb 15: Snow and sun

This morning I decided to visit the Synagogue in Budapest.  It is a beautiful, old building.  As I got on the tram, the snow began to fall, and by the time I got to the stop I needed, it was coming down quiet heavily. It was cold, snowy and windy.  The synagogue was fairly cold […]

Feb 14: WVU joins Big 12

The schedules came out today for the BIG 12 Conference.  Wish I could be in Austin later this year for the matchup between WVU and Texas.  Should be an interesting game if Texas can solve its QB issues. The other great matchup in Austin is Texas playing TCU after Thanksgiving.  That should be packed with […]

Feb 10: time in a chair

Today I spent more than 2 hours in the dental chair.  I woke up very early this morning (try 3 a.m.) and couldn’t go back to sleep.  After sitting in the dental chair for that long, I waited for almost an hour before I had lunch. In the fast food restaurant, I dozed off, I […]

February 7: A little bit of home

After spending almost 2 hours in the dental chair today, I went to Starbucks to treat myself and to visit a colleague who was there waiting on his wife.  I find great comfort in walking into a Starbucks in places outside of the US. What I like about it is that no matter the decor […]

February 4: Openness

I witnessed an event yesterday that I desired to write about this morning.  However,  last night I read about Josh Hamilton’s relapse and some peoples comments on an ESPN blog that I decided I wanted to write about his relapse and his openness. When I read about his relapse and his quick response to the […]

February: Journaling

I am taking several people through Experiencing God.  It is one of the best courses I know that challenges believers to new heights. One of the young men studying with me grew up in a family of believers and I think he is the fourth generation Baptist.  After the first week, he shared with me […]