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In western Ukraine

I have been in western Ukraine for the last few days and do not have regular internet.  Therefore, my usual Monday Morning Message will most likely appear on Tuesday night after I get home.

3M: Which celebration do you choose?

Eastern Europe celebrates Christmas according to the old Julian calendar date of January 7.  However, they celebrate New Years by the new Gregorian calender like most everyone else. So, I went to church on January 7 to attend a Christmas Day celebration.  Toward the end of the service they had prepared a video that was […]

3M: According to His Purpose

I am sure many of you have read Romans 8:28, which says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  Sunday morning I visited a church in Dnepropetrovsk and the assistant pastor preached from Romans 8:28-30. Now, to be […]

Can economics and politics ever be separated?

Wednesday morning I met with a group of professors at the Economics University.  We had planned to meet during their long break and enjoy tea and cake. While we were enjoying catching up on all the summer activities, the head of the English department asked me if I had time to speak to some of […]

Back online…

Well, after almost a month without my computer, I am back “online.”  I was using a small netbook while my computer went to the US to get repaired. All of my passwords are stored on this computer and trying to get online to update my blog proved to be difficult.  Even when I had the […]

Got my tickets!

Shortly after moving to Donetsk, I purchased some tickets to a football match.  While buying the tickets, they had advertisements up around the ticket booth about a FAN-ID card.  Purchase the card for 10 griven, then purchase tickets to two home games and you get priority for purchasing tickets to the Champions League. Of course, […]

Interesting reading

Dr Rankin, soon to be retired president of IMB, started blogging a few months ago.  (more…)

City of Roses: Donetsk

I made a trip to Donetsk on Friday to meet with several potential partners and to see the city.  Overall, my first impressions are incredibly favorable. My supervisor and I flew to Donetsk and were met by a pastor who drove us to his church.  In most large cities, there is a Central Baptist Church, […]

Checking out Donetsk

I am heading to Donetsk this Friday morning.  I will travel there with a couple of colleagues.  We have a couple of meetings with leaders there.  I am hopeful to see the apartment where I will live once I move to Donetsk.  Also, we are going to check out the city as well. I hope […]