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On Sunday, January 14, I preached in a church about 1 hour from Dnipro.  It would be the first time there, so I knew I would spend some time telling my story of how I wound up in Ukraine. As I was praying on Saturday, the Lord reminded me of three great stories concerning the […]

Lots to celebrate!

Nine years ago I started this blog and today I am celebrating the 1,000 post.  Additionally, it was in February 1994 that I moved to Ukraine the first time.  So much has happened in that time! I started the blog in February 2005 because I had just moved to Karaganda, Kazakhstan, a city in the […]


It is hard to believe that I haven’t posted in more than 2 months.  I actually thought I might make it to the 1,000th post by New Year, but that ain’t happenin now! I had a great trip to the US and really enjoyed my time at First Baptist, Stephenville, TX.  I made a trip […]

The honeymoon is not over!

This morning I was looking at my twitter feed and noticed that my tag states: “Enjoying life in Donetsk.”  It caused me to think if that statement, which I have no idea when I wrote it, was still true today. I must say emphatically “YES!” First off, let me say that I have enjoyed every […]

Ukraine Spotlight: Tanzilya

During 2012, I hope to spotlight different people who have impacted my life in some way.  Today I would like for you to meet Tanzilya.  Tanzilya, or Tanya as some of us still call her, is an Uzbek immigrant to Ukraine. Tanzilya was around 11 years old when we met.  I was living in Lugansk […]

New Years resolutions

Many years ago, I tried doing some NY resolutions.  However, I found by mid to late January I had stopped trying or wasn’t motivated to continue. The organization I work for started a process where I would need to have several goals for the year.  These goals must be achievable and related to the work/ […]

3M: Memories of Christmases past

Christmas 2011 is now a memory for most of us.  I enjoyed Christmas very much by hosting dinner for other expats living in Donetsk.  There were 10 of us and it was a good time. As I read Facebook this morning, I learned that my cousin passed away on Christmas day.  He had been in […]

3M: Thankfulness

Thanksgiving in the US typically begins the holiday season.  Lots of parties will take place from now until New Years. If one is not careful, this week will become just a necessary event to get to the really good stuff, like shopping on Black Friday.  Today, I was looking at some of the ads for […]

Suspicion is the new religion

In the last few months, I have grown to love a Christian group called, Switchfoot.  I’m not sure where their music is classified, Rock or Alternative, but if it is rock, it would definitely be soft rock. Anyway, I purchased their new album while I was in Texas in September and have listened to it […]

Busy week…

Thus far this week has been packed and it appears that it will be packed until Sunday!  Guess that is better than sitting at home doing nothing.  Lots of conversations to take place again today.  I have 4 meetings with people! I FINALLY paid my utility bills.  I must say this is the thing I […]