Cattle crossing

There is only one major highway in Kazakhstan that runs from Almaty (the former capital) to Astana (the new capital) and it runs through Karaganda. The Kim’s and I drove the 1,000 kilometers to Almaty for a retreat. The landscape is non-descript except to say it was the same for over 800 of those 1,000 km.

The land was a little hilly, with not many trees. There is a HUGE lake between Karaganda and Almaty called Balhash, and it must have a high level of sodium as the land around the lake was white (it was not snow or ice!). The road hugs the lake front for a long time (maybe at least a hundred km) so that broke up the view.

Along the trip there were numerous cattle grazing along the road. There were no fences or anything else constructed to keep them from crossing the road. On our way back we had to stop for one group that decided the grass was greener on the other side!

It was a long trip, but I got a better view of the landscape and understand more what steppes really look like!