Celebrating 50 years: 11-20

Yesterday, I posted the first 10 people, places, events or things that impacted my life.  Here are 11-20…

11)  Oil Crash of 1980‘s: Getting laid off at T&N Lone Star.  I had a great job with great benefits.  This was the first taste of how the world economy can impact people.

12)  Living in Texarkana while attending TCC.  Active in drama and decided to pursue my love for communications.  Met Bill Steenborg and Tom Cooper and lots of other great people.  Worked at KCMC Radio station as a DJ.

13)  Lived in New Orleans for a few months after having trouble finding a job.  Enjoyed living there for a season.

14)  Moving back to Wichita Falls in 1985.  Worked at KWFT as a dj and had a great time learning the business.  Funniest story while working there: once we had a tornado warning and it was headed straight for the station.  My boss had come out to help and I asked him what we were supposed to do if the storm hit the station… it was then that I learned the DJ desk was re-enforced to withstand equipment falling on it for just a situation like this.  Fortunately, I never had to find out if that was true!

15)  Shortly after moving back to WF, I joined Faith BC.  This would prove to be instrumental in everything that has followed in my life.  Pastor Sandy Sandlin and music minister, Larry Shields, made tremendous impacts in my life.

16)  I Attended Midwestern SU: My professors in the Mass Comm department were great, including Jonas Bjork, Carla Bennett and June Cable.

17)  While a student at MSU, I met BSU director, Kyle Klemcke and BSU president, Steve Nethery.  Both of these men helped me define my call and were influential in seeking next steps.

18)  During a revival at Faith BC, I sensed the call to ministry in 1987.

19)  Northside BC called me to be youth minister in 1987.  Joe Corne was pastor at Northside and taught me much by example.  He was a wonderful person who helped me understand the workings of the local church.

20)  I met Bob and Reba Perry; who have been tremendously supportive throughout the years.  They have been like a second set of parents to me and Bob helped me through some very difficult decisions, never condemning me.  To this day, when I have difficult decisions, he is one of the first persons I talk with.