Celebrating my 50th birthday with 50 People, places or things that have impacted my life: The first 10

I will turn 50 on Thursday, August 9.  For the next 5 days I will be revealing people, places, things or events that have impacted my life.   Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and I have not intentionally left anyone or anything out…

1)  August 9, 1962, born to Joseph and Florine Ragan in Wichita Falls
2)  1965: Moved to Jacksboro, TX, what fun I had living on Hensley Ave and walking to school!  Eastin Casey was my best friend!
3)  Attended Live Oak Baptist Church in Jacksboro; I was involved in RA’s
4)  Early 70’s: heard “O Holy Night” for the first time in a Christmas program at school.  It is still my favorite Christmas song to this day!
5)  1972: a few days after my 10th birthday, my family moved to Lone Star where I started the 5th grade.
6)  70’s: going to Lake O the Pines for cookouts and swims; while Lone Star Park was near my house, I loved going to the Pines.
7)  1979-80: editor of school newspaper: developed my love for writing;  Mrs Lawson, Mrs Nix and Mrs Morgan greatly influenced me.  I graduated Daingerfield HS.
8)  1980: First church shooting in US at First, Daingerfield; family friend died trying to tackle shooter.  Ruth Bobbit was my boss at the Dairy Queen in Lone Star.  Wonderful lady with a huge heart.
9)  1980: after graduating HS, we took a summer trip to Ohio and Delaware to visit family; my father wasn’t much for stopping on trips, so I remember seeing the Nation’s capital as we drove down Pennsylvania Avenue.
10)  August 14, 1983: Father dying.  The summer of 83 was a blur of driving to Dallas from Lone Star while my dad was in the VA Hospital.  I remember my mom’s sisters coming to help us during a difficult period.  While my dad was a stern disciplinarian with me at times, he taught me the value of money and a person’s word (two things I have messed up on occasion).  I truly missed my dad during the 80’s when life was so difficult for me and I didn’t know what to do at times.

So, that is the first 10.  On Monday I will reveal 11-20…

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