Celebrating Thanksgiving in Kazakhstan

Monday evening I hosted 4 women and 1 man for Thanksgiving. I was expecting a larger crowd, however, I found out later that the idea of celebrating scared a couple of people away. No worry, those who attended had a good time. We began the evening by watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I LOVE CB!!! I still enjoy watching his shows to this day. I stopped the DVD several times in order to explain some of the things happening. Like Lucy pulling away the football at the last second or why Linus carries around a blanket. After the DVD, we set up the table I purchased yesterday and prepared to serve dinner. I prepared Chicken and dumplings, Texas potato casserole, dressing (my mom’s recipe!). I also prepared some No bake oatmeal cookies. Everyone seemed to like the Chicken and dumplings and the dressing. They especially liked the Texas potato casserole and the cookies. Before eating we went around the table and shared what we were thankful for during the last year and then I prayed. It was a great evening and I really enjoyed sharing some of our American culture and tradition (and my family’s) with the students.

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  1. It’s so bad that we with Alexey coudn’t come then, especially it’s bad for Alex! Why are your fhotos so small even when i large ’em by clicking? I can’t see all the details i want to see about the girls 🙂

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