Celebration week! 21-30…

I’m celebrating my 50th on Thursday… here is 21-30 of people, places or events that have impacted my life!

21)  While a member of Faith BC in WF, I met in a discipleship group with Scott Mason and Danny Kauffman led by Terry M. Even though we met early in the morning, it was well worth the time!
22)  Serve as youth minister at Faith Memorial BC in Archer City, TX.  The Kings, Raters and Dollars were tremendous, godly people who helped me grow tremendously.
23) Went to work at Wichita Falls Times Record News.

24)  After working there a couple of years, I was recruited and hired by Dallas Times Herald in Oct 1991.  Two months later the newspaper was sold the the Morning News.  At first I was angry with God for moving to Irving and finding myself without a job, no friends, no church home.

25)  God led me to Plymouth Park BC where I met Smoky and Inez Eggers.  During my 6 months of being out of work, God spoke and called me to missions in May 1992.
26)  Moved to Lugansk, UA in Feb 1994 and worked with Emmanuel Church; incredible time of seeing God at work there; lots of people influenced my time there (too many to mention, but you know who you are).
27)  Being a part of life at Camp Chaparral: Danny and Teri D, Fred and Susan A, Mike and Sheri L, and lots of other great folks!
28)  Attended Southwestern Seminary in FW.  Met some great professors such as Daniel Sanchez, William Goff, Dan Crawford; students: Carl B, Mark S, Ben Macklin, and Chad Smith; hanging out at Ole South Pancake House late at night and trying to solve all the theological issues.
29)  Attended Southwayside BC, FW; eventually was on staff there.  Cannot even begin to mention the people who influenced me, but will mention a couple: Chicks and Betty- Chicks didn’t like me much when we first met because he didn’t like the fact that I took the trophies out of the case and put in a different display.  After I put them back after Christmas, he gave me a gift.  He showered me with love and gifts to the day he died.  I miss him and Ms Betty.  Others: Liggetts, Warrens, Whites, Drewry’s, and lots and lots of others!
30)  Mission trips to Mexico: while on staff at SWS, we took two groups to Mexico and helped an orphanage.  What a blessing it was to go to Pedras Negras and had not God called me specifically to eastern Europe, I could have moved to Mexico!

Wednesday, I reveal 31-40 and then on Thursday, 41-50…

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