Central Asian prayer needs

Yesterday, I had one brother share prayer needs from his country. The country where he lives is virtually closed to the gospel message.

He shared with us that in spite of having difficulties that I can only imagine, work is being blessed there. He shared about the struggles church leaders have in dealing with govt officials who are opposed to Christian work. He talked about churches facing extreme persecution.

However, he ended with sharing the blessings they are receiving. It reminded me of James 1: Consider it all joy when you are persecuted.

Recently I was sharing with a brother about the low water pressure in the apartment where I am going to live. He replied, “praise the Lord that you have water…” It’s all in perspective.

This brother, while he is under extreme pressure, still praises the Lord for the work they are able to do in his country. While I can’t reveal this brother or the country where he lives, lift him up in prayer now. The Lord knows of whom you are praying.