Chance encounter?

Today I went with some friends around Astana to take some pictures.  We saw some children playing on a side street and so we stopped to take their photo.  While we were there, a man walked up to us and began asking why we were taking pictures.

I shared that we just wanted to get some photos of life in Kstan.  He started walking away and the turned around and invited us to visit his brother’s house.   We drove down to the house and inside were his 98 year old father and mother.  The father didn’t speak much, but his sons sure wanted us to meet him.  The mother was a little indifferent (I think we were disturbing her TV show!).

What a great time we had getting to meet his father who fought in WWII.  I shared with them that my father had fought in WWII also.  We were there almost an hour taking photos and learning about the family.  The brother gave me his address and invited me to visit him.

It was a special time and I really hope to be able to visit him again in the future.  By the way, I don’t believe in chance encounters.  I know WHO orchestrated our meeting…