Chaos in Kyiv

Signs of unrest litter Maidan square and Maritz Plaza. Tents, food, people, flags of orange, white and red, blue and the Ukrainian flag of blue and gold fly high.

Had I been looking at the video days ago, I would have sworn it was from December 2004 and of the Orange Revolution. Yet, it was today and the story tells me the unrest has returned. The tents have returned and people are sleeping on the streets again.

The difference now is that the Prime Minister, Yanukovich, has bused and trained in many of his supporters and they are protesting around the Parliament building. The president’s people have staked their claim once again to Maidan square. Maidan in Ukrainian means Independence which is what people thought they were getting when they helped elect Yushenko.

However, since the Orange Revolution and the eventual return of Yanukovich to the seat of Prime Minister after last year’s parliamentary elections, the politics of the two bitter foes has been driving them further apart.

One seems to lean toward Russia the other toward the West. Stuck in the middle are the people of Ukraine and any progress that could be made. I’m afraid foreign businesses will continue to skirt away from building in Ukraine until the mess is resolved. The question remains whether or not these two men can lay aside their differences for the good of the country.

There is hope, however. It can be found in Jesus. As we remember this week of the sacrifice Christ made for us, lift up Ukraine and ask the Lord to intercede. He is our only hope…

Click here for an update from BBC.