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Christmas eve blessings…

The pastor of Gethsemane church asked me to join him this afternoon (Christmas eve in Ukraine) to visit some homes around the church to share the Christmas message.  I truly enjoyed my time.

The first home is just around the corner from the church.  When we arrived, we visited with the wife and husband of the home.  They are an older retired couple.  After sharing and praying with them.  Afterwards, the wife shared with us about her 95 year old mother who lives with them.  She invited us to pray over her.

So, we went to the mother’s room.  We found a frail woman laying in her bed but her voice was fairly strong.  I learned that she has spent her whole life in the Donetsk region.  As we left, I realized that she must have been in her early 20’s when the Nazis invaded Donetsk.  I really hope that I have opportunity to visit with this lady in the near future.

We walked down the street to another home and had a tremendous visit with another retired couple.  Their daughter and granddaughter live in St. Petersburg and so don’t get to see them often.  However, the daughter was there for New Years and Christmas.  We sat in their living room for more than an hour talking politics, life in general and other stuff.

Later, the pastor, another pastor and I drove over to visit one family from the church.  They have 2 small daughters and it was fun to talk with them.  It was fun to hear the brother admit that he has a desire to preach and see the excitement from the 2 pastors.  What a special time for me to witness this!

The road to the church is covered with about 6-8 inches of ice and it wasn’t fun driving down it twice today.  I think I will take the tram there tomorrow evening for Christmas services.

Other than the driving, today has been a great day to participate in ministry.  I received many blessings…


  1. Doug Symes says:

    That is exciting! Snov’em Godum! What are you driving these days brother?

  2. Thanks Doug! I am driving a Chevy Niva (even with the Chevy logo on the car, it still drives like a Russian Niva…) Not a bad car, just not much power… and it shifts interestingly…

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