Christmas memories

One of my favorite Christmas memories happened when I was a young boy.  My family went to Oklahoma City to visit my dad’s sisters.  My dad had a brother who was “intellectually disabled.”  Even though he lived in a home, he always spent the holidays with his sisters who lived in OKC.  At the time, my uncle was in his late 30’s.

My parents had given me a train set for Christmas that year.  I remember us playing with that train set all day.  We so enjoyed that train so much that we burned up the electrical system that day!  And while I was sad that I had ruined my gift, I still cherish spending that day with my uncle.  It was the “best” Christmas gift of all.

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, may we remember that the gifts are secondary to the relationships and the memories that can be made in a moment.  Merry Christmas…