Christmas shopping in Kiev

Well, I needed to do some Christmas shopping today. So, after doing my usual morning things, I went to Andriivskiy Spoosk to buy some souvenirs but the man I was looking for was not there today. I will try back tomorrow maybe.

Then I drove to the north part of Kiev to Petrovskiy Market to look at videos and CD’s. I saw the Narnia video already for sell, as well as, the Brothers Grimm. Then, I walked over to our local Circuit City. It’s not really, but their signage sure is a CC knock-off. They have a great selection and one of the few electronic stores where I can purchase printer ink with ease.

The store was packed with shoppers. Ukrainians exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve or Day. So, they still have another week to buy. I was quite amazed with the number of people at City Com (our Circuit City).

Then, I drove to the Karavan mall. This is one of the best and biggest malls in Kiev. The largest store, Karavan, is large and comparable to Wal-Mart in the US. It doesn’t have the selection, but it is a GREAT store where you can find lots of gifts. That’s why I was there! I wanted to buy the Ukrainian staff in our office a gift and I hope I found something they all can use.

Well, it was getting close to 4 p.m. and I wanted to beat the traffic, so I walked to my car, loaded up the bags and headed home. It was getting dark by this time…

Of course, the traffic was horrible every where I turned. Traffic jams, accidents, you name it. My 30 minute drive (on a good day) took me one hour fifteen minutes. Oh, well, as I put the car in the garage, snow began to fall. It seemed to make everything alright!

Merry Christmas!!!