Coffee and more coffee

On Monday I had a couple of meetings downtown near our office.  One meeting was with one of the young men that went to Kazakhstan the first year.

Vitya is now 23 years old and living in Kyiv.  He works for one of the embassies, driving their security guards to work in the morning and evening.  He also volunteers with an organization that holds camps for orphans in Ukraine.  He left on Tuesday to begin the process of preparing for their first of 5 camps throughout Ukraine.

He has also meet a young lady that he would like to marry.  He shared with me that without a good job, a place to live, etc, he doesn’t want to get married right now.  He has put that aspect of his life on hold.  Yet, he told me that God is more real to him today and he trusts God to work in and through him.

My next meeting was with a young man I met when I needed help with my Iphone.  He has been a big help thus far and it is fun to sit and talk with him.  He is learning English, so it was good practice for him.

We meet at Aroma Espresso Bar, an Israeli coffee franchise.  It was packed with young people catching up with friends after work.  It was a great place and I plan to go there whenever I need to meet with people in Kyiv.  Plus, they had a tasty carrot cake that I tried along with brownies and other treats.   Overall, it was great day!

2 thoughts on “Coffee and more coffee

  1. Joe,

    Great to stay up to date with with you. those treats sound good…maybe a little to good. I miss our training sessions and getting to catch up with you. Kristin adn I just closed on our house today!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jared. I miss our training sessions as well. I have lost 6-7 lbs since arriving in Kyiv due to the amount of walking I am doing. However, I haven’t found a place to work out yet and my stuff hasn’t arrived from the US. 🙁
    I just moved to a different place today (colleagues going home on STAS) and they have a treadmill!
    How is your new job? Congratulations on the house!!!

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