Coincidence or God-incidence?

I preached tonight at the church I attend. I have arranged for me to preach with an interpreter in order to give our interpreters an opportunity to gain some experience.

Before the service the brothers met with the pastor to discuss the order in which who would preach when. A typical service here has 3 sermons.

The pastor gave me the second sermon. So, the first brother to preach is a soon to be 22 year old. He told me before the service he has been preaching since 15. He did a superb job of preaching from 1 John 4. His theme: love for the brothers and sisters.

My time came to preach and I used Ephesians 1:3-6 as my text. The central theme: God’s love for us. It was Galina’s very first time to interpret and she did a fine job! I was sooo proud of her.

The third brother got up to preach and he preached from 1 John 4 as well, his theme: Love!

I sat there amazed that 3 different brothers preached on the same topic without knowing each other’s topic. It was so great to see that the Spirit of the Lord was moving among our midst today.

That was no coincidence…