Cold! Winter here! Christmas almost!

Well, it has been cold here the last few days. It has been below freezing now for a couple of days. The snow has frozen to ice and the patches of snow on the sidewalks and byways are like sheets of ice.

But, for a Texas boy that only saw snow once in his life on Christmas, I am like a child. It is white and cold. It feels like Christmas should be, or at least what I imagine it should be.

The one thing missing is the Christmas music. I don’t have enough of it! I did find a Jaci Valasquez Christmas tape at our local Christian store and so I have almost worn it out from listening to it. Next time I am in the US, I need to buy some Christmas music!

Speaking of music, I see that Third Day has a new release called “Whereever We Are”. Has anyone listened to it? I will definitely want to get this soon! They are one of my favorite groups.