College ball in Kiev!

Tonight I really got to experience my first college basketball game in Kiev! Max called me last night and told me that his college team would be playing and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I wanted to experience this!

I met him, along with two other members from my church at a metro station and we drove the short distance to the gym. It was a nice gym. The only problem is that all the seats are on a floor above the court. There were several people that had come to watch the game.

While the game did not have the same atmosphere as college games in America, when Max’s team come from 12 points down to only 3, every one was excited and hollering! It was a great experience.

While I think Max’s coach blew it in the end, I really am glad I got to go. I know it meant a lot to Max to have us there. So, while it wasn’t North Caroline and Duke, it was basketball and it was exciting!