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Over the past few years, I have become a HUGE Texas Longhorn fan.  While following the team, I learned more and more about Colt McCoy.  A young man of character, Colt has been a shining example and role model for many.

Last night I was pumped about the game.  I was worried that the Texas defense couldn’t hold Ingram (turned out to be true…), but felt that if Colt was able to move the offense, he would keep them in the game.

First series, bam, Colt leaves the game with a shoulder injury and never returned.  While I do believe the game would have been different with him in there, teams have to take what is given to them.  The Texas team seemed to have wilted with Colt gone and Bama took advantage of Texas turnovers.

After the game, Colt was interviewed.  What an incredible young man… After the game, ABC correspondent spoke with Colt.  While it appeared he was going to get “emotional”, he collected himself and said this:

“God is in control of my life… I am standing on the Rock!!”  Wow, in the midst of his storm he gave glory to God and praised Alabama for their great win.

While I am sure it was devastating for him to not be able to play and to see his team lose the game, Colt is the winner in life.  He understands what is important in the real game…  I have been an incredible fan of Colt, Sam and Tim all season.  All have been tremendous examples and role models for many.  All endured some type of adversity during their season and I am sure that the Rock on which they stand will lead them into their futures.

Thanks Colt!  You are a tremendous young man!

3 thoughts on “Colt McCoy

  1. Completely agree… except, you know, for me Roll Tide! I knew nothing about this young man, but hearing his on-field interview after the game, I gained tremendous respect for how he used his moment in the spotlight to reflect the Light of the world.

  2. This is an amazing young man. He is standing in front of the world speaking for his faith. You notice he gazes upward twice. Then he is stammering leaning in toward the microphone, then suddenly he is upright and gazes upward a third time… His stammering now gone and is speech is eloquent. God took over at that very moment and directed him. Gave him strength and words. I love watching that you can see it in his eyes when the whole perspective changes! Glory! Cool. I pray that the numbness that is in his arm be healed and that God can use that game story to further His purpose.

  3. Steve,
    Sorry that you aren’t a Texas fan, but I guess not everyone can be! 🙂
    There are a number of players on Texas that are class acts. Colt and Jordan, Tre Newton, and others have distinguished themselves on and off the field.
    The TV announcers last night basically glorified Ingram’s father for being in jail. Tre Newton’s father (Nate, former Dallas Cowboys player) also found himself in jail a few years ago for drug running. Several local stories have been published about Tre’s mother and her faith in God and how her faith inspired Tre. He had Bible studies in his home while a HS player…
    Alabama is a good team. I would have liked to seen how they could have handled Texas at 100%. However, that is why you play the game…
    Jeannee, I was a HUGE Colt fan before the game… I am even more so now. Wow, I got choked up watching the interview again today. What a class act. He is standing on the Rock!!

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