Please note that you are free to leave comments.  However, I do not administer my website (a wonderful brother named Steve does…thanks Steve).  Which means that I only receive notification after Steve approves the comment.  If there are questions to the validity or personal information left in the comment, he usually notifies me before approving it.

I said all this to say… several comments were left by you and approved by Steve.  However, while I was in transition to the US to see my mom I didn’t know that several of them had been approved.  I got notification of them, however, I didn’t look at them or may have deleted them.  I just found another one left from August 2 that I didn’t read and must have deleted the notification.

If you have personal things you want to say to me and you don’t have my email address, please check out MY PROFILE page on the site and it will give you instructions on how to get in touch with me.   Thanks for understanding…