This morning as I was reading Exodus 2-3, I was struck by a few of things.  First, it is so great to see how God orchestrated that Moses’ mom put him in a basket that floated and that Pharoah’s daughter found him.

Second, Moses encounters God in a burning bush that wasn’t consumed. God speaks to Moses, reminding him who God is and that God desires to send Moses back to Egypt in order to bring His people out.

Third, was Moses prepared to do it no matter the cost? Can we say that we are prepared to serve at all cost?

At the moment that Moses had his burning bush moment, he had no idea what he would face in Egypt.  God was using that moment to prepare him.

What about me?  Am I ready to serve at all cost?  I cannot see “into the future.”  I do not know what is going to happen even later today.  However, through my experiences with God thus far, I know that I can trust Him, no matter the cost.  He has promised to be with me through it all.  Just as He promised Moses.