Time is quickly flying by as I prepare to spend my last few days in Ukraine. It is hard to believe that when I leave here on November 2 that I won’t be returning for a while.

I have been thinking about what clothes to take, etc. I have purchased a number of gifts and souvenirs to take back since I will be visiting peoples’ homes, etc so one suitcase will be full of those types of things. I want to take my winter coat home, but it will be May when I return and to pack it in a suitcase will take up half the room. Decisions, decisions…

I am trying to wrap up ministry here with meetings, etc as well. I have one last trip to take on Monday evening when I will travel to Donetsk on the overnight train and then speak in chapel at Donetsk Christian University. I will fly back to Kyiv that evening.

I am also preaching this Sunday in my church. Since they have two services, I will need to preach in both services. I am also planning on singing a song.

My one “free day” Wednesday will be spent packing up stuff in the apartment and packing my suitcases. I don’t know if I will be getting any sleep Wednesday night. I have an early morning flight on Thursday and will need to be at the airport around 5:15 a.m.

Time really does fly…